8 things to consider when reviewing your Curriculum Vitae

How to Write a successful Curriculum Vitae

8 things to consider when reviewing your Curriculum Vitae

5 things to avoid:

1. Your CV should not have a cover page containing a #selfie, it should not have a cover page for that matter. A Full A4 cover page is not aesthetically pleasing and should be avoided.
2. Your CV should most definitely not contain spelling errors. You should ensure that it is completely error free.
3. Do not put your salary expectations on your CV. You may be perceived as being unwilling to negotiate and you may be excluded from the outset as a result.
4. Don’t send the same CV to every employer. “One size fits all” is not a concept to be applied to your CV. Personalise and tweak your CV according to the specific job and employer you’re applying to. Doing so will make your CV more appealing and more relevant.

5 things to adhere to:

1. Include a cover letter that is relevant to the job you are applying for.
2. Employers are interested in your latest employment history. Your work experience should be listed in chorological order, from your latest job to your first job.
3. Make sure your contact details are correct and current. The last thing you want is for a keen employer to be unable to reach you due to a typo in your contact details.
4. Make use of headings, subheadings and bullet points. This will organise your content and make it easier to read.

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